Grant Cullen

Lead Pastor at Dalkeith Road Church of Christ, Grant is passionate about the good news that we are included in the family of God because of Christ. He has a strong desire to see the best in people and encourage it. Grant and Lucinda have four daughters and are always up for having people around for dinner!





Barry Ryall 

Pastor at Dalkeith Road Church of Christ, Barry and his wife Sheryl are passionate about mission work in Thailand. Barry has a rich history at DR and has a compassionate heart for each person and a love for a good Thai meal! 




Tracey D'Mello

Tracey migrated to Australia in 2000 with her family from Zimbabwe. She studied Fitness and Personal Training, and worked as a Personal Trainer before embarking on a more admin related role. Tracey runs the office and co-ordinates various events and functions at DR. She has a huge heart for African children and loves all things nature!





Shanay Cullen

Shanay is currently studying at WAAPA.  While she isn't blowing the minds of her teachers and fellow students with her beautiful singing, she is working in the reception and managing the service co-ordination. Shanay has a gentle spirit and loves to be involved in almost anything and everything!  


"Jesus inspires me more than anyone. I’m utterly taken by Him and by His messages; who He is; how he treats people; what he does… It moves me, the message moves me. And I think if we look at Jesus, we can’t help but think “wow”. But if we look at the church, sometimes it's not quite so “wow”. And Christians? Yeah, we’re not so “wow”. But Jesus was inspiring and wonderful! So we haven’t done a great job of being His representatives all the time - there are times we have, but we haven’t always. But we want to. And for all those times that we haven’t - I know for me - I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the hurt it has caused, for the injustice caused. But today and everyday from now, we will endeavour to do better. I know that I want to love and accept people as hard as I can. And I think the church feels the same. We want to love and accept people as hard as we can. So come, as you are… Just come."
Grant Cullen - Minister at Dalkeith Road Church of Christ